Urban Pharms is proud to bring the highest quality products to our consumers here in Oregon. We offer a variety of premium cannabis products for our consumers, including: Sungrown Flower, Full-Spectrum Indoor Flower, CO2 Extract Cartridges, and Nug-run Pre-rolls. We are currently working on a line of BHO extracts and Live Resin.


Our indoor flower is grown in two state-of-the-art greenhouses. They provide climate control, ventilation, and supplemental lighting all while also utilizing the full spectrum of light from the sun. We control pests naturally with lady bugs and air pressure regulation. We are obsessed with keeping our stalks clean so that our plants can spend all their energy on growing healthy flower.


Our outdoor operation is a thing of beauty. We plan out our grow for half of the year, so that we can effectively cultivate some of the finest cannabis from the finest terroir on the face of the planet. Last year we had four of our outdoor strains test over 30%. We would like to thank Southern Oregon and the Rogue Valley for that, but maybe we had a little to do with it as well ;)


Our cartridges are known for their reliability and consistency. Offered in a versatile 5/10 cartridge that you can pair with your favorite battery, or one of our high-performance batteries. Our CO2 oil carefully carries over the full character of the flower into the oil. We currently have over 13 strain varieties so you are guaranteed to find one you love. If you haven't tried them, we highly recommend.


We take our delicious flower, grind it carefully to the perfect consistency, then roll it into RAW cones using our state-of-the-art packing machine. Each preroll is then finished by hand and carefully packaged so that you can enjoy the finest product possible. We love our joints, and we hope that you do too.


We work with the best extractors in Oregon to convert our potent materials into beautiful extracts. Our goal is to create the most stable extracts to provide an excellent experience to the end user. We also do our best to preserve the majority of the flowers terpene profile while keeping everything a beautiful color.