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Flowers Are the Heart and Soul of Our Operation

Shop the classics, the exclusives, and the always-delicious. Urban Pharms is proud to bring the highest quality products to our consumers here in Oregon! Enjoy a variety of premium cannabis products for all consumers, including strains of sun-grown and
full-spectrum indoor flower.


Experience the best & purest cannabis in Oregon! Urban Pharms is passionately committed to bringing you the finest products available with professional care in every harvest. We strive for perfection in each cycle, always pushing the envelope when it comes
to efficiency and sustainability to ensure you can enjoy your flower to the fullest.

Choose from Our Proudly Grown
Humbly Offered Selection

"Urban Delusion is super stoney and couch locking, I highly recommend if your looking for munchies and sleep. Smells are Sweet hazy blue dream with a hashy, and earthy pungent smell."

 Alexa Young 

"My wife and I underestimated the Killer Grape! It creeps up on you! The effects were pretty calming and relaxing with a burst of happiness and smiles."

Von James

"This stuff is the real deal, smells and tastes incredible and the High is great. Heady upstairs and nice body buzz too, Mmmmm!"

 Cindy Driver 

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