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Grown in two state-of-the-art greenhouses, our indoor flower is provided with climate control, ventilation, and supplemental lighting, as well as utilizing the full spectrum of light from the sun. We control pests naturally with lady bugs and air pressure regulation. Stalks are kept obsessively (but lovingly) clean so that plants can spend all their energy on growing healthy flower for you.


Our outdoor operation? It’s a thing of beauty. We plan our grow out for six months to more effectively cultivate the finest cannabis from the most vibrant and robust terroir on the face of the freaking planet. Last year we had four outdoor strains test over 30%!  While the natural splendor of Southern Oregon and the Rogue Valley definitely helps make that happen, the passion we put into our work has a little something to do with our continual exemplary quality. We like to think the flower knows when professionals care how it grows.



Urban Pharms is committed to growing the best & safest cannabis in Oregon. We strive for perfection in each cycle, and push the envelope when it comes to efficiency and sustainability.


We do our best to bring to bring our consumers the finest products available. Flower is the backbone

of our operation. 

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